Friday, September 23, 2011

Bean Stalk Updates!

There's a LOT, too! Let's do this.

First up, hot off the press, there's a Pictionary update: click HERE! I've gotten the stuff to add to the entries for #6, #13, #27 and #50.

As always, feel free to send me more pictures for the Pictionary. You know I'll always credit you. I need, well, anything and everything, but if you've got Marie Grace and Cecile pictures, that's even better!

Then, I've updated the sewing table with two finished projects: one and two. I don't want to take up too much space on the page, but I'll at the least put up a picture of my favorite:

Oh, and! I was sick today, and also quite a bit bored, so I sat and made Monster High icons. Here's 16 fresh icons from Season 2, Episode 27. It's the latest one, the one with Spectra. Go check them out! I'll post a few teasers:

Hey! Don't forget that you can grab super fast updates by following @beanstalktweets! I always try to follow you back.

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