Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Feature!

I've got a new site that you all should totally check out today:

Cherished Playtime

True fact, when I first started The Bean Stalk up, I modeled it after this place. There are plenty of crafts to keep you occupied, and you might go have a look at her C-Box on the front page to see what other people are saying. The bulk of the site takes you through Star Valley. You can meet the residents, see Susie's blog, and check out the Jessica McConnell Show, the first ever talk show for dolls.

If you're needing more Cherished Playtime, check it out on Facebook or Twitter.

Hey, Cherished Playtime! Feel free to put this on your site. If you'd like back to the Bean Stalk, that would be nice of you too:

1 comment:

  1. *Claps* Ooh, yay, thank you!

    Hehe, you modeled after mine and I modeled after Our Dolls ;). Jess and Susie are honored that they got mentions to their pages (not sure what it'll do for Jess' ego, though, lol.)

    I put the award on my site, with a link back :)