Saturday, December 31, 2011

Final Post Of The Year!

I figured I'd tie up the year by doing a post on my five favorite outfits released in 2011. If you do a post like this, tell me so I can link to it!

All right! Top 5 doll outfits released in 2011, number 5:


Most of the historical spring outfits were dull and pink. This one had the huevos to stand out! Very cool. I'm probably Julie biased, though.

Number 4:


Maybe I'm not nuts about the logo, but I dig purple, and I LOVE clothes that actually looks like what kids wear.

Number 3:


This is my favorite of the Marie-Grace/Cecille releases. It's simple, but it's got a lot of nice detail, and that's a rare color in the American Girl collection.

Number 2:


It needs a belt, but dang, don't it look nice and warm?

Number 1! Drumroll!


Love the color. Love the ruffles. Love the whole thing, and I hope it makes it into my collection this year!

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  1. Good choices! I had all of those except Julie's outfit on my wishlist this year.

    Here are mine: