Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Stuff!

All right! Everyone who saw McKenna's collection, raise your hand!

I'm not that excited about McKenna herself, and don't plan to get her. But! About all I ever want is JLY school clothes in piles, and I got them!

I. LOVE. The school outfit! It probably helps that I have a similar sweater. That sweater can even be paired with jeans or khakis, too, but I kind of dig the skirt. I wish the flats were solid purple, but I've got enough doll shoes to where that wouldn't be a problem.

I haven't decided, but I might take the PJs for Sonali. She doesn't have decent cold weather PJs, and I love green and purple together.

Not sold on the bed.

The fancy outfit is so pretty! I'm not sure who'd get it, but I like it, and that's what's important. I've seen AG use that pattern so many times that I'm wondering if I shouldn't get my hands on one of those dresses and reproduce it in a tutorial.

I kind of like McKenna's meet shirt, too. I wouldn't actively search it out, but if anyone was trying to pass it off, I'd bite.

And finally, I know I said this on Twitter, but I need ALL those teeny nalgene bottles YESTERDAY!

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  1. I want the PJs but I'm not sure who would get them as all my modern dolls have PJs. But since a couple have two pairs already, another could, too. And the shirt could double for the day. I think Nicki would look cute in them.

    I want the school outfit, too, although I'm not really a fan of cowl neck sweaters. But, it's cute and purple and as we know, purple is AWESOME. I think Sonali or Shirley, two of my trendier dolls, would look great in it (I'd probably get it for Sonali). I read a review that the sweater has the snaggy velcro though.

    I agree that her teal/pink dress is pretty, too, and that the style has been seen before. The JLY purple sundress a couple years ago.

    I think the loft bed idea is cute and I like the colors, bedding and desk/chair. And the Charlotte's Web book. The hamster looks cute, too.

    The umbrella and boots look cute but are too much. The umbrella is not worth $20 (going by the MyAG rainboots being $14).