Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yarn Along Week 1!

LET US DISCUSS DOLL YARN before we go further into our Yarn Along.

Any time you craft for a doll, you should be working to make something in scale to the doll's world. The doll is small. You're making small things.

Worshed weight yarn, also known as "most of the yarn you own, likely," is too big to make our project, or any piece of doll clothing. I'd let you get away with it for a hat or some scarves, because humans commonly wear chunky yarn scarves (even if they look pretty putzy -- did I just say that?) But clothing? You do not make clothing out of this. Unless you want to look like a putz.

The biggest yarn I'll let you get away with is sport weight. The yarn will actually say "sport weight" on the label, so it's not that tough to find. I like yarn that doesn't seperate so easily when I jab my hook in it -- a lot of that sock yarn is guilty of this, as is that Microspun stuff from Lion Brand. Here's some suggestions that are easy to work with and won't have you tearing your hand out:

Red Heart Sport Yarn is cheap, comes in a bunch of colors, and it's easy to work with. For whatever reason, Red Heart makes crappy worshed weight yarn and really nice sport weight.

Patons Astra is another good one, and easier to find.

Err, I'm allergic to wool, so I can't suggest any brands for you there. (I can't use them!) But, I've heard that Knitpicks yarn is really, REALLY nice. Actually, they stock acryllic, cotton and non-wool blends for people like me. I've just never used them, so I can't reccomend them personally, but I've heard good things.

I'd use either a size H hook or size 6 needles, depending on if you're crocheting or knitting.

Now, everything I've said is the biggest I'll let you go. Can you go smaller? Sure! You can go much smaller. Make the whole thing with a C hook and crochet thread if you're brave. Sock yarn is really easy to find, you can use that too. The smaller you go, the nicer your result, but the more maddening it'll be. At least, it is for me, you might be some kind of whizz with small stuff.

When you get your supplies, tweet or email the results to me!

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  1. I have Knit Pick Comfy Fingering Weight yarn (it's cotton!) and it's pretty amazing.