Friday, March 30, 2012


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I get bitten every so often to organize ALL THE THINGS. Not a bad thing to do.

This is what I just installed next to my sewing machine: two cork boards and one of those ... file ... thingies. One cork board, as you can see, is holding all my important doll patterns. I have no idea why I have two sleeve patterns and two bodice patterns, but I do. That pant pattern is folded like it is to do double duty as a legging pattern.

What am I going to use the other board for? No idea. I'll tell you if I figure it out.

I ~think?~ I might use the metal file ... doohickey for pattern storage. I have a drawer, but the fit is getting tight if you're picking up what I'm putting down. I don't even own that many patterns! But it'll be nice to stash my patterns that I don't use quite as often. (I mean, I love my homemade doll qipao pattern, but how often does that come up?)

By the way, over there on the left edge? The light in my sewing space sucks big time. That's one of those Aero Gardens. It grows bunny food for me AND doubles as a sewing light. When you use them for double duty, they are a total steal.

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