Friday, June 1, 2012

General Mraaaaa~~

I'm trying to get stuff done, but I'm far too scattered to do any of it. Does that make sense? My rule is that as soon as I close this blog post, I must open up my HTML editor. Which is Notepad. I'm from the old school. Anyway.

I want doll pictures to share, but I am tres lacking in inspiration. It's summer! I want summer photos! But what is there to do besides run through the weeds? Right now, there is, of course, a rain storm, so we can't even do that. My dolls will have to continue to lay in a pile next to my sewing machine, I guess. Their hair's a mess, I shant take a picture.

EDIT: Oh, never mind! I just saw the new Playthings challenge! This is my weekend, don't even laugh at me. Who's in?

Oh, hey, though, Kirsten's birthday is next week! Right on Friday! Hmm, maybe now I have some picture ideas~

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