Saturday, February 18, 2012

Price Whine

I'm sure everyone else has said this, or at least thought it, but I'll write about it anyway. I was browsing the new release stuff, and while none of it was awful, none of it caught my eye. Well, fine, that means I get to spend less money. Then, this caught my eye:


Oh, hey, neat outfit, right? But then I started looking at the pricing.


This alone is $30, and you could make that. Yes you could.

To get the look in the first picture, you've got to spend $68 total. Uh uh. Maybe if it were human clothes, but I'm not spending $70 on doll clothes! Especially since in the accessory pack, you probably only care about the coat. (That water bottle holder is awful. I know no human who would wear that, and I'm sure the water bottle would slide out in real life.)

In conclusion, I hope no one buys this, and AG rethinks their prices.


  1. I agree totally, I thought my daughter would LOVE this ensemble but there's no way on God's green Earth I'm paying that much for it! I think I'll just get her the coat/accessories (cause she would actually LOVE that). I couldn't believe there wasn't even a price break for ordering it as a set, not even a measley 5 bucks!

  2. I'm not really a fan of that outfit. The shirt is kinda cute and the fanny pack could go for a 90's girl (I wore them as a kid) but other than that I'm not interested in it. I like some of the older hiking outfits more.